Sunday, January 19, 2014

5 Years Master Jedi

Dearest Mason,
Five!!! I remember things from when I was five. You turning five is something I always thought of as so far away, that age when you would start Kindergarten and become a kid, not just my baby. And now were here and for me it's a bittersweet feeling. You had two birthdays this year; a turkey day gathering and a Jedi jump fest at Big Time jump with your friends. 

Since Thanksgiving always falls somewhere between the 24th-28th of November, you will get to have some Thanksgiving birthdays.

Turning five was your first Thanksgiving birthday. You were pumped to have the big spread. There was so much food that I thought a pumpkin pie would serve well as a "birthday cake" and since you are not much of a dessert guy you gladly accepted.

Your Dad cooked up a beautiful bird for you in his new infrared cooker...pound chest and I made a traditional one in the oven. Both were good but mine was better.

Our Family gathered to celebrate you, how thankful we are for you, and the multitude of blessings in our lives that God gives us daily.

You really are something else, light and love and all of god's graces wrapped up into one 45-inch tall boy.

This last year has been full of adventures....adventures are something you have always liked. I think its your Sagittarius tendencies paired with being a first born but maybe its just who you are. Last January when we went to Maui you really took that independence to a new level. Dad and I went out for a nice dinner date (something we rarely do) and left you with Papa and Grandma. Grandma was upstairs with Max (because he was only 3 months old at the time) and Papa took you downstairs to the hotel grounds to see all of the Koi ponds when suddenly you fled. He couldn't keep up with your sprinting and he lost sight of  you. Papa was so scared because he didn't know if you went back up the condo or out the front of the hotel. After asking several people if they had seen you  he decided to head back upstairs. In the meantime you had done exactly that, gone upstairs, you loved pushing the elevator buttons and knew exactly where 
to go (thank god we had worked so hard on numbers). When Grandma opened the door and asked "where is Papa?" you told here he "had a heart attack on the grass!" She began to panic and get her shoes on....just than Papa returned. Needless to say your "story telling" and "fleeing" got you in a bit of trouble and a long talking to about 
strangers and safety. When I think of this story now I laugh. Its amazing how much more grown up you seem to me 11 months later. I really think the jump from 4-5 has been drastic, you are such a little boy now. In regards to that experience, I do have to say "I hope your kids return the favor someday."  

This summer we made the decision to change schools. To have you start in the Charter near our home and to leave The Academy where you attended a few years of pre-school two days a week.

You and change have never been "good friends" but you truly embraced this new world with grace.

You started Pre-kindergarten in Ms. Robinson's class with 18 other classmates this past August. You are attending the afternoon class three days a week for three hours. The school is academically driven and you have homework every week. I know at 4 and 5 that sounds crazy but you love it. You love routine and are very diligent about doing your work in the classroom and right when you get home. And I mean right when you get home, no snack or bathroom break just finishing your work. Kinda cracks me up and I hope you keep this trait:-)We had your conference recently and your
teacher had nothing but wonderful things to say about how bright you are. How well you listen but the thing that she said that stuck out so deeply with Dad and I is that "Mason is the kindest friend we have in the class." You don't like to see other people hurt or left out, you stick up for the kids having a hard time and you try to include everybody. Kindness and hard work are the motto in our house and we are so proud you practice that.

Of course you are still an energetic boy and have the stubbornness of an Ox. Your world rises and sets to the beat of sports, star wars and hero's of any type. Your cousin Luke is going to college this next year at University of Minnesota be a pitcher on their baseball team. You think that is the coolest thing ever. He is always a great cousin to give you time to throw you some pitches.

We also decided it was time to get all of our feet wet in the world of team sports. We went pretty plain vanilla with the YMCA youth soccer program but you dug it. The first practice and game had Dad and I a little concerned that you weren't ready; head in the clouds paired with random Jedi moves on the field had Dad and I sitting apart and acting like those sports parents we despise.

After having you watch some soccer on TV and practicing every night in our yard you blossomed into a little ymca soccer star

 We are so excited to cheer you on in those adventures.

Here are a few highlights of age four since I have not been diligent about the blog. 

Max's first birthday

Family picnic at your great grandparents senior home. 

Sunscreen Self application in Maui

 Spider-Man brothers.

The "ear" triplets or a dad and his mini-mes. Early summer 2013

Mom and Mason time on the ATV's at Grandma and Papa's, Labor Day 2013.

Majestic View Park, Spring 2013. Since you became mobile you have had a need to climb.

You, Max, and Fisher dog at breakfast time. Some of our best conversations happen during breakfast.

Uncle Nick turned 30 and got a superhero birthday cake just for you, February 2013. 

Glennwood Springs trip May 2013, alpine coaster. "Don't touch the brakes ever Dad!"

Age four has been a very fun one with lots of moments.

My dear son you have been one of our greatest adventures. The past five years have been the best and I sit here knowing how lucky we are to call you our son, even when your being a feisty one and we have to stick you in a bucket.

All my heart,

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Baby boy you're one

Dearest Max,
Its been a year since you made your grand debut into this big world and what a year its been. I will probably say that every year in my letters because every year is full of so many awesome moments that make up the days and months that make time feel like its truly flying at warp speed. I've loved you from the depths of my mommy soul from the minute I saw your sweet face. Adding you to our crazy bunch threw us for a whirl for a little bit but we got the hang of it and are loving the rhythm you and your brother bring to our lives.
Your actual first birthday was a very busy day but we sure made time to sing to you. Your big brother was very instant that we do so before heading off to his soccer game and than to Colorado Springs for an overnight stay and wedding. In true baby fashion you decided it would be a great time to "pop "some more teeth and get a stomach virus that weekend.You really handle these things quite well only needing constant cuddles and mo' ice chips.
Really though, if you ask me, you spent your actual birthday how I would like to spend mine every year. At the Historic Broadmoor with family.
I sure hope we can take you again and again for trips you will remember, the grounds are truly beautiful. I would like to see the spa and your dad would love to play some golf so maybe we should try it out for a weekend sans kids:-) Just one time, to see how it feels.

You thought these fawns were dogs and repeatedly called them so, something so cute a one year old can get away with. If Mason did this now we be like "Come on Mace I am pretty sure you know those ain't dogs!" So stay one cause when your four almost five we aren't as cool.
Don't worry you still got presents on your birthday. Did you really think your Aunt Ang or Grandma would forget to spoil you with a bunch of toys?!?! I was kind of hoping so because were busting at the seams but hey you only turn one once so bring on the loot.
Man I can't believe we let you go down that slide! Just kidding we aren't that crappy of parents. I think the main reason you and Mason will want to go back again and again is not really the beauty of the grounds and the wildlife but more the water slides that jar your neck and give you a monster wedgie.

We will see if you are anything like this kid who try's to hold the record for number of times you can go on the slides in an hour before the parentals force you to take a break and you melt into a ball of tears and anger. Happens every time.
Right now you are still down for snuggles in the pool and just relaxing, if we could give you a Pina Colada you would be on our level and we would be like can you stay one FOREVER. but we know the sands of time are falling and you can't, so we will just drink those Coladas for you until you are of age.

I wish this shot would have turned out better because the infinity pool and the lake and the marble and you turning was a pretty slick moment BUT my camera phone isn't always what its cracked up to be. My mind however is still sharp, well most days, and that memory has a special place in there. That's also why I am writing this because some day I will be 80 and forget to wear a shirt to dinner and you will have to remind me of more than just this moment.
Speaking of sub-par parenting, your dad and I actually went out on a date on your birthday, well kind of, I mean it was too a wedding and you, your brother, and your sweet Aunt Ang were moments away if you needed us. Stuck in your shabby quarters dinning on room service and watching Scooby. Word has it she even let you eat chips in bed! Awesome-sauce if you ask me.
Kids were actually invited to the wedding and we were like "um we've sailed that ship before and it ain't no fun for us so we are brining our hot nanny sister person!" I don't regret that decision but we did get sat at the table with young parents who brought their kids. It was a little salt in the wound. The table was back in the corner away from the other less stressed out guests. It made me miss you and Mason but than they just kept filling my red wine glass and I let loose and thought "its ok to leave your kids sometimes! Woot Woot."

Just a life lesson side note: you should definitely hit your Papa up for dance lessons, the man loves to cut a rug. That is not your grandma he is dancing with but lucky for him a dear friend of the family, otherwise, I would tell you to have him teach you "how to get out of Grandma's dog house!" That is a life lesson all men should learn.
So ya, the Broadmoor for your first birthday, pretty sweet. We like to set the bar high, can you imagine what will be doing for your 21st?  Hey, where is our hot nanny? we must have given her break from this photo.
Still can't believe its been a year.

 Well back at the Casa de Flower we threw you an Ol' fashioned real partay. Did you really think I would deprive you of that? Your dad was hoping so but my OCD birthday party pinterest  mommy self decided because your brother got a party at one so I would do the fair thing and throw one for you. Siblings always think the other gets more, just trying to keep the playing field level.
Hungry Caterpillar cake that I did NOT make...thanks Cakes by Karen.
Balloons, bubbles, and boxes; that's all a kid really needs at his birthday well that and a
 huge photo collage your over emotional mother made of your every month.

but really all you need is being surrounded by those near and dear

all those souls who love you deeply and wanted to be able to squeeze you and celebrate you. And the fact that your  Dad, brother, and I kept you alive for a whole year.
Speaking of souls who love you there is a special one you did not get a chance to meet on this earth. The one you share your birthday with. She used this plate for your Dad's and Uncles and Aunts birthdays and its pretty sweet your Aunt brought it down for us to use for you. She would have really loved you and really loved sharing her birthday with you too. 


It was a great party and its been an unforgettable year. Those sweet baby cheeks are gonna do big things and I am so thankful we get to be behind you along the way.
Love always,
Your momma